Our Services

Here you can see all our products and services offered.

Some Of The Services We Offer

The company is structured to offer services and products that complement each other and ensure its ability to perform.

Project Management

We have an expert team of project managers that take care of all the planning and problem solving, ensuring that the project is done stress free.

Civil Contractor in Telecommunication

offer civil works in telecommunication and know the importance of strong and durable civil layout.

Electrical Installation & Certification

Electrical boxes and component installation done with saftey and standards in mind. We also do electrical certification and ensure that everything meets the standards set.

Civil Works

We offer civil work for any kind of project and types of structures. We make sure that your structure and foundation are well supported and strong.

Optic Fiber

We have qualified people that install and layout optic fiber in your area.

Structural Engineering

We know how important planning and design is when it comes to structures and how they are installed. We have expert engineers that go the extra mile planning and executing the best structural work out there.

Equipment Housing

We do equipment housing and installation and always take care in the housing we produce. We install housings big and small.

Generator Installation

We supply large generators and offer installation for sites and companies that best suites you.

Maintenance and support

We offer maintenance and support in all civil and structural engineering related industries.

Low Cost Housing

We offer services in low cost housing. Affordable housing for large number of people in various areas.

Foundation Excavation

We excavate according to design and engineering specs and always ensure a strong and reliable support for structures.

Radio Masts & Towers

We offer civil works in telecommunication and know the importance of strong and durable civil layout. We install and produce any sort of tower and masts.